World Password Day. Is Your Password Secure?

Code Blue Computing, an IT support firm headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado is encouraging users to celebrate World Password Day by changing their passwords and becoming informed about the importance of strong passwords in the digital age we now live in. “With the ever increasing number of data breaches it has becoming more important to be vigilant with the passwords that we are using on our devices and our applications,” stated Code Blue VP of Technology William Morgan. To date, the most commonly used passwords are 123456 and the word password. Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Secure: Don’t use one word … Continue reading →

Let’s Talk Passwords, Shall We?

Passwords. Do you sometimes feel like passwords are the bane of your existence?  Let’s see what do we have our Windows password, the one for Quickbooks, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Online Banking, iTunes…. Here is the deal.  Cyber Threats are growing every single day.  As much as we hate having all these passwords.  It is one of the things that protects us.  When you find a good password, don’t use if for every single application that you use.  There are people out there with very sophisticated programs working to gain access to your data. Once someone is able to assume your … Continue reading →

Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?

Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?   This is a big one.  The world has changed significantly over the last few years.  We are experiencing advancements with technology the likes of which we have never seen before.  Hackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit our vulnerabilities as business owners. Not that long ago, when one technology came out we would really have time to assimilate to it before the next great thing came along.  This is no longer that case.  Innovation and changes in technology are coming at rapid speed. While these innovations can … Continue reading →

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Outsourcing Your I.T. Support?

Time for Outsourcing Your I.T. Support? As small business owners we are always juggling what needs to be done, when, and what the real cost to your organization will be.  Most of us went into business because we were really good at a particular task, once we are in business for ourselves we discover that we have inherited the responsibility for a bunch of tasks that we are neither experience at or for that matter any good at. 7 Things that Will Make You Get Real About Outsourcing Your I.T. Support. Cyber Security.  We see more businesses than we should … Continue reading →

How to Setup Telecommuting for Your Employees

How to Setup Telecommuting for Your Employees. How to setup telecommuting for your employees is something that a lot of employers are looking to provide ; however, there are many that are still fighting the wave. Not offering telecommuting as a benefit for their employees may be costing them more than it is gaining them.  In a recent survey, 36% of employees indicated they would forego a raise for the benefit of telecommuting.  Additionally, 70% of employees said the ability to telecommute would fall between moderately important and extremely important when choosing their next job. Many times the push back … Continue reading →