Passwords. Do you sometimes feel like passwords are the bane of your existence?  Let’s see what do we have our Windows password, the one for Quickbooks, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Online Banking, iTunes….

Here is the deal.  Cyber Threats are growing every single day.  As much as we hate having all these passwords.  It is one of the things that protects us.  When you find a good password, don’t use if for every single application that you use.  There are people out there with very sophisticated programs working to gain access to your data.

Once someone is able to assume your digital identity it gets frightening.  Just think about what all you do online.  It is worth the extra caution to protect yourself.

  • Change your passwords every 4-6 weeks.
  • Use a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols.
  • Make phrases that are easy to remember and hard to guess using symbols and letters
  • Do not leave a sticky note on your keyboard labeled Passwords. (Again, not kidding)
  • Do not use the same password over and over for multiple sites/programs
  • Always log off of your computer or your device
  • Avoid signing on in unsecure WiFi locations such as coffee shops or restaurants.


I know it can feel like overkill, but it just isn’t.  It is extremely important to be diligent when it comes to our passwords.  We have run into clients that actually have saved all of the programs/websites that they use with the corresponding password in a spreadsheet that is saved on their computer or network. Do us all a favor and use an app such as mSecure to manage all of your different passwords. You can even utilize their password generator to create even more secure password combinations. Another thing that we like about it is you can save all the pertinent sign on information for your family. One way to make sure that if you become sick or disabled your spouse will have the access that they need.

In 2017, there is a staggering 17% of all users using the password 123456. Rounding up some of the most used passwords there was also 123456789, the always popular qwerty, and let us not forget the oldie but goodie password.

It is the beginning of January, go through and change all of your passwords today.  Make them unique, secure, and at least 8-12 digits.  Then set a reminder on your calendar to do it again in 90 days.  It will be easy to remember, it’ll be Tax Day!

If you have any questions regarding Password Security you can give the Security experts at Code Blue Computing a call anytime at 720-746-9763.





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