The Microsoft Computer Virus has popped back up in Denver this month.  We have been getting tons of calls in our office this month with customers concerned that they have fallen prey to a scam, and in face they have.

microsoft computer virus

What exactly is the Microsoft Computer Virus?  Well, according to our clients that have been hit with the Microsoft Computer Virus it plays out in one of two ways.

  1.  You get a phone call from someone claiming to working for Microsoft and that they have been alerted that you have a computer virus.  The only way to avoid any further damage is to give them remote access to your computer.
  2. You inadvertently visit a website and get a pretty ominous looking pop up alerting you to the fact that you have a virus and to call an 800 number.  Again, once on the phone they are trying to get remote access to your computer.

In both of these scenarios we have had clients that have given the scammers either credit card information or routing and banking account numbers.

Microsoft Computer Virus – What Do You Need to Know to Protect Yourself?

  • Never. I repeat Never will Microsoft call you.
  • Never. I repeat Never will your anti virus program direct you to call an 800#.
  • If you get one of these pop-ups do not click anywhere on the pop up box.  This will potentially launch the virus.  Click the X on your Internet Browser and turn the computer off for a few minutes.
  • Keep your Anti Virus Software updated and set to automatically scan your computer for viruses.
  • Be Aware of the Websites you are visiting
  • Always hover over attachments in email to see what type of file it is.  For example, a zip file could easily contain a virus that will execute once your open in.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Computer Virus is only one of dozens of different scams and computer viruses that our office has encountered in 2016.  Many times because we are searching the internet in the comfort of our own home or office we let our guard down.  Just like when we are out and about we need to be aware of our surroundings and take steps to protect ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding the Microsoft Computer Virus the Code Blue Computing team is ready to help in person, remotely, or via telephone.

Code Blue Computing provides Denver Computer Support services to companies and individuals.  You can log on to Code Blue Computing for more information or give them a call at 720-746-9763.


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