What Do You Need to Do When Moving Your Office?

What Do You Need to Do When Moving Your Office? The good news, your business is expanding, you have outgrown your space and it is time for a new larger office space.  The bad news, your business is expanding…….and you are moving your office. Much like when we move our homes, the thought of moving our office can be a stressful time.   If you take the time to plan out the move in advance it will go smoothly and you will experience fewer headaches.  What do you need to do when moving your office? Plan. Plan. Plan.  Start your … Continue reading →

Ransomware Virus Attacks on the Rise in Denver

Ransomware virus attacks have seen a dramatic increase in Denver over the last few weeks and I suspect that this is true no matter what part of the country that you are in. As an I.T. Consulting firm we unfortunately hear more times than we would like from business owners after the fact.  We would prefer to put a proactive plan in place for businesses on the front end and save our clients a lot of headaches. Ransomware virus attacks first came on the scene a few years back with a Trojan virus by the name of Cryptolocker.  Typically, a … Continue reading →

Small Business Tech Support. What You Need to Know.

Small Business Tech Support is a big question mark for many business owners.  While many business owners like the idea of keeping a full-time I.T. person on staff in theory; the reality many times looks different. A strong I.T. generalist will require a salary in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 plus benefits in the Metro Denver Area.  Most businesses can’t even consider bringing an I.T. person in-house until they hit 30-50 employees. If you are a micro to small business owner looking for small business tech support what should you do? A View from Above. Take a realistic look … Continue reading →

Microsoft Computer Virus in Denver

The Microsoft Computer Virus has popped back up in Denver this month.  We have been getting tons of calls in our office this month with customers concerned that they have fallen prey to a scam, and in face they have. What exactly is the Microsoft Computer Virus?  Well, according to our clients that have been hit with the Microsoft Computer Virus it plays out in one of two ways.  You get a phone call from someone claiming to working for Microsoft and that they have been alerted that you have a computer virus.  The only way to avoid any further … Continue reading →

Weather Denver Computer Virus on the Loose

We have noticed in 2016 there has been a significant uptick of computer viruses and computer scams coming into our office and the Weather Denver virus is not exception.  It is more important than ever to be careful in the websites that you visit and of the calls that you receive in your home or in your office. What Is the Weather Denver Computer Virus? We recently had an elderly client call us very concerned that they had a Computer Virus.  This particular client had been searching the term Weather Denver on Google.  They clicked a paid ad on the … Continue reading →