Small Business Tech Support is a big question mark for many business owners.  While many business owners like the idea of keeping a full-time I.T. person on staff in theory; the reality many times looks different.

A strong I.T. generalist will require a salary in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 plus benefits in the Metro Denver Area.  Most businesses can’t even consider bringing an I.T. person in-house until they hit 30-50 employees.

Small Business Tech Support If you are a micro to small business owner looking for small business tech support what should you do?

A View from Above.

Take a realistic look at the equipment in your office and the maintenance of it.  Many small business owners ignore the network, the computers, the server in their office. They are shocked when they break down and even more shocked at the cost of the invoice to get it back online. Realistically look at the age of the computers and your server if you have one.  When will they need to be replaced?

View your small business tech support in a similar fashion to how you view your car.  If you perform routine maintenance to take care of it, it will take care of you.  Additionally routine maintenance is going to be less expensive than a large repair.

Back it Up.

Every week we run into micro and small business owners that are just not following best practices when it comes to backing up their data.  We run into business owners that are doing absolutely no backups at all, to business owners that are backing up on external hard drives and either leaving those drives at the office or sometimes worse tooling around town with them.

This is a big one.  Whether you have small business tech support or not you need to have a backup solution in place. All businesses need to back up their data everyday, all businesses need an enterprise level solution for those backups, and all businesses need to store those backups offsite.  Let me repeat the last one, all businesses most store their backups offsite.  Why?  If there is disaster at the physical location of your business, backups will allow your business to carry on.


As a micro or small business owner Security should be at the forefront of your mind.  Cyber Security is the number one threat to businesses today.  Why? Most business owners are lax in this area and the hackers know it.  How can you protect your business?

Ensuring your network is secure, using strong passwords and changing them often, creating, implementing, and enforcing an Internet Use Policy within your organization.  Businesses are putting themselves and their customers at risk everyday through ineffective or non-existent security practices.  This one could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars if there is a breach.

Many business owners decide that they or someone on their staff is techy enough to get the job done.  Unlike your computer lovers over here at Code Blue Computing you likely didn’t go into business to work on the I.T. The truth of the matter that I.T. can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks in your business.  When you are done researching the latest security breach, fixing the scanner, setting up that new employee’s email, sitting on the phone with your internet provider, and upgrading the office to Windows 10 then you can get to working “on” your business and not “in” your business. Right?

Rightsourcing your I.T. to an outside provider is a good choice.  They can effectively maintain your network, your computers, securing your company from threats and proactively presenting you with new technologies that can increase the productivity of your organization and your bottom line.

Should you choose an I.T. Guy or should you choose a Company for your small business tech support.  Choosing a one man band can present its own challenges.  Will the phone be answered when your network crashes?  Will he be available to be on site to fix the situation?  What happens when he goes on vacation or is sick?

Small Business Tech Support. Consider I.T.

The truth is that ignoring your I.T. or doing it yourself if most likely costing your organization more in high repair bills and lost productivity.  How much does it cost you to have your staff sitting around waiting for an outage to be fixed?  Poorly run I.T. costs your business money.

A well-chosen I.T. company will have the right programs and services when you have 3 employees and different programs and services when you have 33 employees.  They will have the knowledge and expertise to flex with your business.  Hard to replicate with an I.T. Guy whether he is in-house ,outsourced, or you.

The right I.T. company will be a partner for your business.  Providing you with stable I.T. costs, better access to up and coming technology, and the ability to put your focus right where it needs to be on growing your business.

Code Blue Computing helps businesses in the Metro Denver area leverage our services to help them increase their productivity, lower their costs, and meet their growth goals.  Give us a call at 720-746-9763 to discuss your small business tech support needs and schedule a FREE consultation today.


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  1. The right IT company, or person, can definitely help your business. All of your points were spot-on. Backing up your data and keeping security in mind is so important.

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