We have noticed in 2016 there has been a significant uptick of computer viruses and computer scams coming into our office and the Weather Denver virus is not exception.  It is more important than ever to be careful in the websites that you visit and of the calls that you receive in your home or in your office.

weather denver computer virus

What Is the Weather Denver Computer Virus?

We recently had an elderly client call us very concerned that they had a Computer Virus.  This particular client had been searching the term Weather Denver on Google.  They clicked a paid ad on the right hand side of the screen. Once in that website a black box popped with red lettering appeared indicating that they had a Computer Virus and to call an 800 # for assistance.

This client did call what we call the Weather Denver computer virus hotline.  Once they had him on the line they convinced him to give them his checking routing number and account number so they could process a payment for Virus Removal right away.  As soon as he did that he knew he had made a mistake.

Luckily this client was able to call his bank and get his account numbers changed before anything happened and we dispatched a tech right away to pick up his computer.  Upon examination, we found that if you do not click okay on the message box that pops up, the computer virus will not execute.  This particular client had not clicked on the box, he never had a virus.

What should you do?

  • Be very careful or the websites that you choose to click on.  Even paid ads from Google can on occasion have viruses contained within them.
  • If you get a message out of nowhere directing you to call a phone number for support. Don’t Do It!  Under no circumstances should you call the phone number. No reputable anti virus program is going to come up with a phone number for you to call.
  • If you do call.  Do not give them your banking information.
  • If you get a Pop Up such as the one we described don’t click anywhere on it.  Click X on your open internet browser and turn your computer off for a few minutes.
  • If you suspect you have downloaded a virus call a reputable LOCAL computer company to perform a full diagnostic service.

There are new and more advanced computer viruses coming out everyday.  We have never heard about the Weather Denver Computer Virus until we received a call into our office.  We have customers that are finding themselves with viruses through their own searches or in some instances they are receiving a telemarketing call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft or a similar company. They then direct them to a website for a remote session where the scammer will charge you to give them a computer virus.

So whether you are completing an innocent search such as Weather Denver or getting strange phone calls just be wary and please know that if you have any question at all you can call the techs at Code Blue Computing at 720-746-9763 anytime.

Code Blue Computing is a Broomfield, Colorado based I.T. Service and support company that specializes in computer support services for residential and home users. If you need help with virus removal in Denver or in Colorado call 720-746-9763.


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