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Email Services

POP.  POP email is primarily utilized in a free email account such as one you would get from Comcast.  This is a very basic, cloud based system with no security features and does not offering synching across devices.  

IMAP.  IMAP is a slightly upgraded email service and is something you would get in a service such as Gmail.  This is also hosted in the cloud, and does offer synching of devices.  

Microsoft Exchange/On-Site. This is a strong business class communication tool that has strong security features, sharing of calendars, and collaboration tools.  However, it can be unwieldy and expensive to maintain and will require ongoing I.T. Support.  

Microsoft Exchange/Hosted.  This is the best of all worlds in our opinion.  You get all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the headaches of maintaining an Exchange Server onsite.  Pricing starts as low as $5 a month.  

If you currently have an Onsite Microsoft Exchange Server that is nearing end of life.  We can help you identify if onsite is appropriate moving forward and could potentially save you thousands of dollars that can be better utilized elsewhere in your business.  

We can help you select the appropriate email solution to take your business from today well into the future.  We are experts in email migration and will make sure that your transition from your old email solution is seamless and painless.  Call us today at 720-746-9763 we would be happy to look at your organization and help you put the right email and collaboration tools in place.  

As a small to medium sized business owner you know that the number one tool we all use in our businesses is Email.  A huge percentage of our communication and collaboration is happening through email.  

Many business owners are using solutions that are not secure or reliable for their business email.  

Most businesses are using 1 of 4 types of business email.