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What To Do?
« on: December 20, 2016, 12:54:16 AM »
The cause of the circle of death after installing the Anniversary Update can be numerous but is most likely a driver issue.  The trouble is there is no indication what driver or if that is the cause.  It's been reported that the Anniversary Update has been taking anywhere from 2-24 hours, sometimes longer, to apply and get back up and running.  Do we think that's ridiculous? Sure.  What can be done?  Honestly, short of pulling the plug and doing a wipe and re-install (with the Anniversary Update already applied), nothing.  Turning off the device does not help and only lengthens the time for Windows to do its job.  We know it's causing a huge headache but the best course of action is just walk away.  We encourage folks to apply this update over a long weekend but Windows now won't let you delay updates.  They are pushed out at almost an incessant rate leaving people with down machines and very little productivity.