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Cloud Backup
Authorized Reseller

A turnkey online (cloud) backup solution. Automatically picks up your user data (photos, music, documents) upon install.  Easy setup. Just install and forget. Your data is encrypted and secure.  Meets HIPAA compliance.  

Anti-Virus Solution
AVG Internet Security

Award winning security software offering excellent protection against emerging viral threats while consuming very little system resources. This suite is suited for consumer users but business editions are available including server protection.

Preferred Virus Protection for Home and Business

Backup and Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

Most data recovery we can do in house. But when a hard drive has mechanically failed (makes clanging noise or fails to spin up), we refer to Gillware, Inc. They have the sterile environment needed to disassemble the drive to recover you data.  No obligation to evaluate your bad drive.

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner
Internet Security Business

AVG Business Edition offers centralized management for remote administration of installs, updates and configuration of AVG across your network – all from a single location.

Microsoft Store

Purchase Microsoft software, computers, tablets, game consoles and more.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Online Store

Hardware and Software

Enigma Encryption USB Device - Protect Sensivite Data From Prying Eyes

Enigma is a USB real time, transparent, on the go hardware encryption device developed by Black Square Technologies.  Use it to securely encrypt any file on your computer, cloud, external hard drive or thumb drive.

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges for 50% of retail

We can save you on average 40-50% off retail for your ink printer cartridge and toner needs.  These are quality cartridges that are guaranteed compatible with your printer.  Get your quote now!

Printer Cartridges

Printer Ink and Toner

$129.99 / ea

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Data Recovery

Another great anti-virus package is Kaspersky.  Includes financial protection and password management (available in the Ultimate Edition) to help keep you safe. Mac version available.

Virus Protection and Internet Security Software