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IT Project Work and Management

Do you need help with a one time I.T. project or need a I.T. Project manager to oversee an upcoming transition?  Does the thought of walking into your I.T. closet give you anxiety?  We can help!

We have a team of I.T. Engineers with varying levels of expertise from small business, to mid size, up to enterprise level solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  We will be able to see your project through from concept, to implementation, to successful completion.  Projects may include:


Network Upgrades:

You may consider a network upgrade for your organization is speed and performance has been slow or sluggish.  Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and when your upgrade your network and equipment from time to time you enable your employees the ability to increase their performance as well.  We will give you the most up to date technology at an affordable price.



A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.  If you or any or your key staff needs to work remotely you are going to get a Virtual Private Network setup.  A VPN is going to create a secure, encrypted connection that allow information to pass back and forth safely.  

Server Deployment and Migrations:

There have never been more options than there are no in regards to the servers that you use for your business.  In the past on premise systems were the only way to go.  Now we can come in look at your specific needs to custom craft the best solution for you.  It may be cloud, it may be on premise, or a combination of the two.  Regardless, we will coordinate it from installation, to maintenance, to deployment.  Our team will ensure that the migration is painless, seamless, and executed flawlessly.  

Structured Data Cabling:

Structured cabling is at the core or your companies communications.  VOIP phones, web browsing, applications that are cloud based all require a strong base and if one does not exist your employees productivity will suffer.  


Email Encryption:

If you are in the medical field email encryption if REQUIRED, not optional, REQUIRED.  However, we believe that email encryption is a needed layer of security for other types of businesses as well.  The cost to protect yourself and your client is thousands of dollars less than if sensitive data is stolen or the fines received for a HIPAA violation.  We can help your navigate through your options and find the right choice for your company.  

Office Moves and Office I.T. Relocation:

When planning an office move, the I.T. part of the equation can sometimes fall between the cracks.  Your technological needs should be one of the key consideration factors when moving.  At the point, of site selection you should be communicating with your onsite or outsourced I.T. team.  They can help you regarding some important details you might not consider.  Is the office prewired, who is the Internet provider, is the Server room ready or will it need modifications?  Office I.T. Relocation involves many choices for your organization.  

Office 365 Implementation and Consulting Services:

Microsoft Office 365 was a game changer in relation to its affect on small businesses.  Office 365 is a powerful solution that gives businesses per user pricing on services that in the past would have be cost prohibitive to them.  There are a whole host of benefits to an Office 365 Migration

Outsourced CTO and Virtual CIO Services

If your small or medium sized business is growing the chances that your I.T. needs or resources are expanding as well or possibly being stretched to the breaking point.  As a smaller organization hiring a full time Chief Technology Office or Chief Intelligence Office can be cost prohibitive as well.  In addition to salary and benefits these higher level positions typically come with a large bonus structure as well.  

By outsourcing this role to Code Blue Computing you will receive the benefit of a fortune 500 level I.T executive that can drive tech strategy for your business  all the while keeping the cost to you affordable.  

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