Are You Being a Little Ridiculous with the Cyber Security for Your Biz?

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As business owners Cyber Security needs to be near the top of our business concerns.  I am going to repeat that not near the top of tech or I.T. concerns but near the top of business concerns.  A breach can and will close your business.

Are you being Ridiculous When it Come to Cyber Security for Your Biz?

Do you have real #CyberSecurity measures in place for your business or are you being a little ridiculous? It's time to get nerdy!! 😎💻🖱️⌨️#DenverComputerSupport #TalkNerdyToMe

Posted by Code Blue Computing – Broomfield, Colorado on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

As business owners what are we doing that might be a little ridiculous?

Do you think it won’t happen to you?

This is a big one.  Time after time business owners tell me it won’t happen to me I am too small for hackers or cyber criminals to care about.  This is simply not true and this attitude is going to get you in trouble.  To keep yourself from being attacked you need to be on point with security measures for your and for your employees.

Do you have Cyber Security training?

All businesses should be having Cyber Security training multiple times per year with their staff.  Not just sign this memo training but real simulated read world examples.  You have to help your staff develop the critical thinking skill that will enable them to spot a hoax before not after it occurs.

Do you have expired anti-virus? 

We are running into businesses that have no anti-virus or expired anti virus on the machines in their business.  This is the bare minimum you need to be doing as a business owner.  Every single computer and server in your business needs anti-virus running on it.  This means installed and scans and patches running daily.  Do not stop the security from doing what it needs to do.

Cyber Attacks and Cyber Threats are on the rise.  As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you bring in the right team to protect your business from these threats.

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