My Apple Laptop Won’t Turn On

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Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few clients call into our shop in Broomfield with the issue being their Apple Laptop won’t turn on.  Apple’s are generally very high performing machines so when we start getting calls with the same issue on an Apple laptop that is definitely not the norm. Typically when a customer calls in indicating that their Apple Laptop won’t turn on there are a number of things that could be causing this type of issue.  First we have to drill down exactly what they mean.  Sometimes they are calling because they have a black screen and the laptop literally will not come on.  In other instances, they mean that their Apple Laptop … Read More

Slow Running Computer. Is Your Hard Drive Failing?

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We get a lot of computers and laptops brought into our shop in Broomfield, Colorado every day.  The #1 complaint when customers bring their computer  into our computer repair shop is “My Computer is Running Slow”. Many times we can assume that a slow running computer automatically means a Computer Virus.  While many times this certainly is true, many times it is not. Signs That Your Hard Drive Might Be Failing The Computer is running slow or it takes a long time for open files or documents Your computer keeps crashing or you are experiencing frequent blue screen of death occurrences Files seem to be disappearing Folder names appear to be changing Hard drive is not spinning when it should … Read More

Code Blue Celebrates Grand Opening of New Broomfield Location with a Fundraiser for Broomfield FISH

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Broomfield, CO – March 26, 2018 – Code Blue Computing, a locally owned Computer Repair Shop and I.T Support Company, will celebrate the Grand Opening of their new location in Broomfield at 26 Garden Center, Suite 1A, Broomfield, CO 80020 on April 14th, 2018 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM with a Community Open House to benefit local Non-Profit Broomfield FISH. Code Blue Computing recently celebrated their 8th year in business, the last 6 being headquartered in Broomfield.  They recently relocated to a new larger location to better serve the Broomfield Community. The space they moved into was previously the intake office for Broomfield FISH.  To celebrate their Grand Opening, Code Blue Computing will be having fundraiser for FISH. They … Read More

My Computer Is So Slow

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90% of the time when a customer brings their computer into our retail repair facility in Broomfield, Colorado the first complaint they have about their machine is “My Computer is So Slow.” We feel you.   When you have a computer, a laptop, or a Mac there could be a wide array of issues that would cause that computer to run slowly. Top Reasons Your  Computer Might be Running Slowly. Programs running in the background.  Many times your will have programs constantly running in the background or launching at startup that don’t really need to be. Reboot.  How long has it been since you have rebooted your computer?  There are updates coming at your computer from many applications daily.  Truth … Read More

Why Having a Gmail Email Address for Your Business Is a Bad Idea

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We do a lot of Networking in and around Denver where our business is located.  I have to tell you I am still shocked when I get a business card from someone and see for their email address.  Not to mention the periodic, or the Unicorn free email applications.   Why Having a Gmail Email Address for Your Business is a Bad Idea. You don’t look professional, you just don’t.  In this day and age it is very easy to get an email address with your domain address.  If you are a gmail fan good for you.  Use it all you want; just do not have it as your email address. When I see this I automatically … Read More

Should I Upgrade My Mac?

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The truth is for those of us that are Mac users our computers are most definitely an investment.  When shopping for a Mac you can definitely experience a bit of sticker shock.   Most of the calls that we receive regarding older Mac computers are that they are slow and the performance has significantly decreased. The main question usually is “Do I Upgrade My Mac Now or Should I Replace it?” The good news is, if you have an older Mac you may not need to replace it yet.   3 Things You Can Do to Increase the Performance of an Older Mac Computer Max the Memory.  One of the lease expensive computer upgrades you can do is to add memory.  … Read More

What Is Wrong With My Computer?

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Day after day, we get multiple phone calls a day that start out “What is wrong with my computer?” A loaded question?  You bet it is. Top 5 Computer Issues My Computer Had a Windows 10 Update and Now… Let’s face it, by and large most times updates to your computer take place without a hitch.  However, when they go wrong typically they go really wrong.  Sometimes we will get a call that a clients computer is stuck in never ending spinning circles.  Definitely, a Windows 10 issue. If someone calls our office and suddenly cannot print or scan, or complains of suddenly getting error messages our first question is “Did your computer recently go through a Windows update?”  If … Read More

What Can Your Business Learn From The Ransomware Attack on Mecklenburg County

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As you heard last week, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina is the latest to fall prey to a Ransomware attack.  The attackers demanded a $23,000 ransom from the County.  The County refused to pay the ransom. These ransomware accounts are significantly increasing month after month.  If you are a business owner of any size, there are things that you can learn and solutions you can implement to protect your business. What Should Our Company Do? Employee Training: When it comes to ransomware attacks this is the biggest issue.  Most of these attacks are being spread through phishing emails. This case is no exception.  An employee clicked on an attachment in an email and this spread the encryption virus throughout the … Read More

Computer Tech Support Virus Scams

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The number of calls that we have been getting related to computer tech support virus scams into our office has been increasing significantly over the last few months.  Truthfully, it has grown in sheer number of clients affected and dollar value as well. How it All Starts. A client typically will get a phone call from someone claiming to be with their “tech support” company or with various other claims.  The claims have run the gamut from claiming to being with Microsoft and being able to see the customer has computer viruses to asking about newly purchased equipment such as a modem exposing the client to viruses. What do They Want? These scammers want two things remote access to your … Read More

The Top Reasons to Migrate Your Business Email to Exchange Online and Office 365

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Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange online have really changed the game for business owners.  In the past to be able to utilize exchange you needed an on premise mail server and software that could be a little pricey for some business owners.  Office 365 has changed that.  Business owners are able to harness the power of Exchange online for as little as $5 per user.  Why Would Your Migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online? Dollars and Cents If your business is currently utilizing Exchange with an on premise server switching to the online version could really be the way to go.  Your business will save big time money in hardware and software purchases.  Generally you would be looking at multiple thousands … Read More