Computer Tech Support Virus Scams

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The number of calls that we have been getting related to computer tech support virus scams into our office has been increasing significantly over the last few months.  Truthfully, it has grown in sheer number of clients affected and dollar value as well. How it All Starts. A client typically will get a phone call from someone claiming to be with their “tech support” company or with various other claims.  The claims have run the gamut from claiming to being with Microsoft and being able to see the customer has computer viruses to asking about newly purchased equipment such as a modem exposing the client to viruses. What do They Want? These scammers want two things remote access to your … Read More

How to Protect Your Parents from Cyber Attacks and Computer Viruses

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We recently had a client call into our office to ask us “Do you know how to protect your parents from Cyber Attacks and Computer Viruses?” Oh boy.  This is a topic we are unfortunately all to familiar with . In addition to the regular computer viruses we can all be vulnerable to; many elderly are also being victimized by computer hackers. When it comes to Cyber Attacks the elderly are paying a big financial price. How To Protect Your Parents from Cyber Attacks and Computer Viruses  Gone Phishing.  Have a conversation with your parents about what Email Phishing is.  Email phishing is when scammers send an email posing as a well-known company.  In our office alone over the past … Read More

Ransomware Virus Attacks on the Rise in Denver

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Ransomware virus attacks have seen a dramatic increase in Denver over the last few weeks and I suspect that this is true no matter what part of the country that you are in. As an I.T. Consulting firm we unfortunately hear more times than we would like from business owners after the fact.  We would prefer to put a proactive plan in place for businesses on the front end and save our clients a lot of headaches. Ransomware virus attacks first came on the scene a few years back with a Trojan virus by the name of Cryptolocker.  Typically, a user receives an email with an attachment that is a Zip file.  The emails are worded in a way to … Read More

Microsoft Computer Virus in Denver

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The Microsoft Computer Virus has popped back up in Denver this month.  We have been getting tons of calls in our office this month with customers concerned that they have fallen prey to a scam, and in face they have. What exactly is the Microsoft Computer Virus?  Well, according to our clients that have been hit with the Microsoft Computer Virus it plays out in one of two ways.  You get a phone call from someone claiming to working for Microsoft and that they have been alerted that you have a computer virus.  The only way to avoid any further damage is to give them remote access to your computer. You inadvertently visit a website and get a pretty ominous … Read More

Weather Denver Computer Virus on the Loose

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We have noticed in 2016 there has been a significant uptick of computer viruses and computer scams coming into our office and the Weather Denver virus is not exception.  It is more important than ever to be careful in the websites that you visit and of the calls that you receive in your home or in your office. What Is the Weather Denver Computer Virus? We recently had an elderly client call us very concerned that they had a Computer Virus.  This particular client had been searching the term Weather Denver on Google.  They clicked a paid ad on the right hand side of the screen. Once in that website a black box popped with red lettering appeared indicating that … Read More

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Computer Viruses

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We have been seeing an increase in Viruses amongst the customers coming into our office in Broomfield, Colorado.  Our clients have been asking for tips to avoid getting computer viruses. Code Blue Computing’s Top 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Computer Viruses 1. Purchase a Good Anti Virus Program and Make Sure it is Updated.  This one is key.  So many times we go out to a client and they either have no Anti Virus program at all or it has expired.  The best line of defense is a good offense.  Please utilize a good anti virus such as AVG, let it run its scans, and do not let it expire.  Of course, Anti Virus programs will not be able to … Read More

Remote Computer Repair

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  We have many clients ask us if remote computer repair and assistance is a viable option for them.  Our answer in many instances is a resounding YES! The truth is either having us swing by your location or you dropping your computer off at our office is a huge inconvenience.  In addition, for most of our customers any amount of time without their computer is an eternity.  Truth be told, for both our in home and small business customers we try to handle as much as we can remotely. Why?  It is faster for you and for us.  You simply call Code Blue Computing to make your appointment, log on to our website at the scheduled time, and go … Read More

Denver Computer Repair

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Denver Computer Repair services include the following: Operating System Recovery Virus Removal Hard Drive Replacement DJ Jack Replacement Screen Replacement Data Recovery Spill Cleanup Motherboard Replacement Laptop Keyboard Replacement Data Backup PC Tuneup Memory Upgrades Many customers believe that is their computer is running slow it must be replaced.  This simply is not the case.  There are a multitude of issues of varying degrees of severity that could be the culprit.  There could be viruses on the computer, there could be a networking or router issue, the computer may simply just need more memory.  The beauty of selecting Denver Computer Repair is that you are able to make an informed decision to the repair or replace question. There are many reputable … Read More

Small Business IT Support and Local Sourcing

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Small Business IT Support is a hot topic these days, and many business owners are choosing not to Outsource but to Local Source.  The entrepreneurial spirit in the Denver market is especially strong.  So many people are choosing to leave Corporate jobs behind and instead are forging their own path. In the last few years, we have found a real increase in the number of calls we are receiving from small businesses with an employee range between 2 and 20.  These business owners are adept at running their operations all the while keeping their eye on the bottom line.  These small businesses typically choose not to staff an IT department or have just one employee responsible for all hardware and … Read More

Computer Virus Top 10 List-Have I Been Infected?

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Do you suspect that you have a computer virus?  The number one reason customers contact us is because their computer or laptop has been infected by a virus or by spyware. Customers are always asking us how do I know if I have a computer virus? Without any further delay, Code Blue Computing presents our Top 10 List of How You Know your Computer has been infected by a Virus or Spyware.   10. Your once turbo injected computer is running slow. Maybe you are no longer double clicking your mouse, perhaps you are quadruple clicking before anything happens.  9. Annoying pop up ads are popping up all over the place.  8. You are getting error messages alerting you that Window … Read More