NYC Law Firm Cyber Attack

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What do we know about the NYC Law Firm Cyber Attack against Grubman, Shire, Meiselas, and Sacks.  It appears that the cyber attack was a ransomware attack. Allegedly 756GB of data was stolen during the attack and a ransom of 21M has been sent to the law firm. The law firm is well known as catering to celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, Madonna and Lady Gaga.  The NYC law firm cyber attack is particularly concerning because law firms in general have sensitive data stored in their systems.  In this instance, that data most likely will include non disclosure agreements, contracts, phone numbers, emails, and personal correspondence.  It is highly likely that the attackers will release the … Read More

Zoom Security Tips

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There have been a ton of new stories over the last few weeks regarding Zoom.  With the Covid-19 crisis subscriptions for Zoom skyrocketed and many of the users had not used the platform previously.  Zoom is a great resource to keep in contact with clients but tightening up the security is extremely important.  We put together a security guide that should help you using Zoom a little more safely going forward. As always feel free to contact us directly with questions or if you need help. ZOOM SECURITY TIPS    

Covid-19 Denver Biz Owner Town Hall Guests Leon Cerna, Jessica Gonifas, Juan Evans Moderated by Jeri Morgan

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Covid-19 Denver Business Owner Virtual Town Hall Featuring Guests Leon Cerna, HR Advantage Group, Jessica Gonifas, Silver Peaks Accounting Services, and Juan Evans Business Banker. Jeri Morgan, CEO Code Blue Computing interviewed Leon Cerna, Jessica Gonifas, and Juan Evans regarding the Coronavirus crisis as it relates to Denver business owners.  They discussed HR issues, government funding and grant options, and howto make good financial decisions in a crisis.  

Code Blue Computing Offers Free Help to Remote Teachers to Speed Up Their Computers

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This week, thousands of teachers across the Front Range are preparing for a new way of learning: virtual education. With bumps in the road expected, a Broomfield company is offering its services for free.  The work Code Blue Computing does will be done remotely, and the business plans to offer help on a range of issues that could be encountered. If you need to use its services, managing partner and president, Jeri Morgan, asks that you contact them through their website at, rather than calling. Code Blue Computing is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Jeri and William Morgan. Code Blue Computing started in 2010 from the experience, knowledge, and understanding of Corporate IT.  William … Read More

The Ins and Outs of Transitioning to a Remote Work Team

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Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus has played quite a number on the global economy in recent weeks.  School districts, municipalities, and in some cases entire towns throughout the United States are closing for 2, 3, even 6 weeks to try and keep this tyrant at bay. Business owners, particularly small business owners are finding themselves in a bit of a pinch.  In general, this demographic historically has been a late adopter to embracing the remote workforce.  There are typically a few key employees that are set up to work remotely but rarely are systems set up that easily allow this to scale for an entire organization. The good news is that for many business types throughout the country with a … Read More

VPN vs RDP. What Employers with Remote Employees Need to Know

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VPN vs RDP VPN vs RDP.  If you are a business owner in 2020 you are inevitably faced with staff that wants the ability to work remotely.  The truth is we are smack dab in what they call the gig economy.  A generation of workers who are used to being able to work from anywhere. There are pros and cons to having a company that allows remote workers.  The top of the list SECURITY.  There are easy ways to  connects to a network and then there are secure ways to connect.  As a business owner, you need to consult a qualified IT Consultant to figure out from a security perspective what you should do. In the meantime, let’s talk about … Read More

Innovative Denver IT Company Celebrates 10 Years of Growth and Giving Back

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Code Blue Computing Celebrating 10 Years Supporting Denver Business Community   Denver, CO, Release:  January 3, 2020.                                       For Immediate Release   Denver, CO: Code Blue Computing is becoming a household name in the Denver technology community in part to their innovative IT strategies for small and large businesses, their devotion to giving back to their community, and a newly released book from president Jeri Morgan. Code Blue Computing sponsored an online contest this past summer in which local non-profits were able to enter an online contest and one non-profit was awarded Free Technical Support for a full year on Labor Day. … Read More

Jeri Morgan Joins The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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Broomfield, CO (December 9, 2019) For Immediate Release.  Jeri Morgan, CEO at Code Blue Computing has been named to the 2020 Board of Directors for The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce. The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce has served the Broomfield business community since 1960.  The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce promotes the economic vitality of the community by providing their members access to resources, support and connections to grow their business. Code Blue Computing’s headquarters have been in Broomfield since 2013.  “Broomfield has been the home for our business for many years,” said Jeri Morgan.  “I am excited and honored for the opportunity to help build upon the great work that has been done at The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce over the … Read More