My Laptop Won’t Turn On

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It always seems to happen at the most inopportune moment.  You have a deadline to meet, you put your tunes on, get in the zone, and sit down to get some work done. Your laptop doesn’t turn on. Seriously?  You press the power button again… Nothing.  Your heart races, you start to sweat, start to pace around the room, maybe even utter a few choice words you wouldn’t want your kids to repeat.  It doesn’t matter at this moment if your laptop is a Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, or even an Apple. You are dead in the water. The first thing that runs through our head when our laptop won’t turn on is that you may be headed into a … Read More

Slow Running Computer. Is Your Hard Drive Failing?

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We get a lot of computers and laptops brought into our shop in Broomfield, Colorado every day.  The #1 complaint when customers bring their computer  into our computer repair shop is “My Computer is Running Slow”. Many times we can assume that a slow running computer automatically means a Computer Virus.  While many times this certainly is true, many times it is not. Signs That Your Hard Drive Might Be Failing The Computer is running slow or it takes a long time for open files or documents Your computer keeps crashing or you are experiencing frequent blue screen of death occurrences Files seem to be disappearing Folder names appear to be changing Hard drive is not spinning when it should … Read More

My Computer Is So Slow

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90% of the time when a customer brings their computer into our retail repair facility in Broomfield, Colorado the first complaint they have about their machine is “My Computer is So Slow.” We feel you.   When you have a computer, a laptop, or a Mac there could be a wide array of issues that would cause that computer to run slowly. Top Reasons Your  Computer Might be Running Slowly. Programs running in the background.  Many times your will have programs constantly running in the background or launching at startup that don’t really need to be. Reboot.  How long has it been since you have rebooted your computer?  There are updates coming at your computer from many applications daily.  Truth … Read More

What Is Wrong With My Computer?

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Day after day, we get multiple phone calls a day that start out “What is wrong with my computer?” A loaded question?  You bet it is. Top 5 Computer Issues My Computer Had a Windows 10 Update and Now… Let’s face it, by and large most times updates to your computer take place without a hitch.  However, when they go wrong typically they go really wrong.  Sometimes we will get a call that a clients computer is stuck in never ending spinning circles.  Definitely, a Windows 10 issue. If someone calls our office and suddenly cannot print or scan, or complains of suddenly getting error messages our first question is “Did your computer recently go through a Windows update?”  If … Read More

Computer Repair in Broomfield

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Computer Repair in Broomfield.  What Should You be Looking For? Customers ask us all the time, what should we look for when searching Computer Repair in Broomfield? 1.  Know Who You Are Dealing With.  There are a lot of reputable I.T. Support companies out there and then there are Computer Guys.  A Computer Guy is a single individual that decided to start a company to provide computer support. Maybe he has a background in technology maybe he doesn’t  A Computer Guy isn’t necessarily bad, but do your research.  What is the background, how long have they been in business, any complaints?  One problem that can arise when you work with a Computer Guy when you search for Computer Repair in … Read More

Remote Computer Repair

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  We have many clients ask us if remote computer repair and assistance is a viable option for them.  Our answer in many instances is a resounding YES! The truth is either having us swing by your location or you dropping your computer off at our office is a huge inconvenience.  In addition, for most of our customers any amount of time without their computer is an eternity.  Truth be told, for both our in home and small business customers we try to handle as much as we can remotely. Why?  It is faster for you and for us.  You simply call Code Blue Computing to make your appointment, log on to our website at the scheduled time, and go … Read More

Denver Computer Repair

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Denver Computer Repair services include the following: Operating System Recovery Virus Removal Hard Drive Replacement DJ Jack Replacement Screen Replacement Data Recovery Spill Cleanup Motherboard Replacement Laptop Keyboard Replacement Data Backup PC Tuneup Memory Upgrades Many customers believe that is their computer is running slow it must be replaced.  This simply is not the case.  There are a multitude of issues of varying degrees of severity that could be the culprit.  There could be viruses on the computer, there could be a networking or router issue, the computer may simply just need more memory.  The beauty of selecting Denver Computer Repair is that you are able to make an informed decision to the repair or replace question. There are many reputable … Read More

Computer Repair or Replace?

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Computer Repair is our specialty and we pride ourselves on always giving our customers the facts so they can make an informed decison. We are contacted all the time to find out if repair or replacement is the right choice.  If you have owned your computer for less than two years, repair is almost always going to be the best choice for you.  As you head into years three and four, depending on the issue you can still repair but realistically look at replacing the computer.  Anything beyond the fifth year, it really is time to look at replacing your computer.  Of course this is a general outline, and your situation will vary.  Some customers come into our office for Denver Computer Repair … Read More

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

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Many customers call us because they have cracked or broken their laptop lcd screen.  They want to know if laptop lcd screen replacement is the right choice for them.  In the past, you could replace the computer less expensively then the screen. In Store repair facilities will almost always tell the customer that the laptop LCD screen replacement is not cost effective.  Laptop LCD Screen replacement  has become more and more affordable.  Laptops continue to take a foothold in the market as consumers are able to get the same power as their desktop without the bulkiness.  The truth is that more consumers are choosing laptops and with the growing segment the prices on laptop LCD screen replacmenet have fallen as well.  … Read More