Why Having a Gmail Email Address for Your Business Is a Bad Idea

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We do a lot of Networking in and around Denver where our business is located.  I have to tell you I am still shocked when I get a business card from someone and see @gmail.com for their email address.  Not to mention the periodic @yahoo.com, or the Unicorn @aol.com free email applications.   Why Having a Gmail Email Address for Your Business is a Bad Idea. You don’t look professional, you just don’t.  In this day and age it is very easy to get an email address with your domain address.  If you are a gmail fan good for you.  Use it all you want; just do not have it as your email address. When I see this I automatically … Read More

The Top Reasons to Migrate Your Business Email to Exchange Online and Office 365

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Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange online have really changed the game for business owners.  In the past to be able to utilize exchange you needed an on premise mail server and software that could be a little pricey for some business owners.  Office 365 has changed that.  Business owners are able to harness the power of Exchange online for as little as $5 per user.  Why Would Your Migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online? Dollars and Cents If your business is currently utilizing Exchange with an on premise server switching to the online version could really be the way to go.  Your business will save big time money in hardware and software purchases.  Generally you would be looking at multiple thousands … Read More