Remote Computer Repair

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  We have many clients ask us if remote computer repair and assistance is a viable option for them.  Our answer in many instances is a resounding YES! The truth is either having us swing by your location or you dropping your computer off at our office is a huge inconvenience.  In addition, for most of our customers any amount of time without their computer is an eternity.  Truth be told, for both our in home and small business customers we try to handle as much as we can remotely. Why?  It is faster for you and for us.  You simply call Code Blue Computing to make your appointment, log on to our website at the scheduled time, and go … Read More

Denver Computer Repair

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Denver Computer Repair services include the following: Operating System Recovery Virus Removal Hard Drive Replacement DJ Jack Replacement Screen Replacement Data Recovery Spill Cleanup Motherboard Replacement Laptop Keyboard Replacement Data Backup PC Tuneup Memory Upgrades Many customers believe that is their computer is running slow it must be replaced.  This simply is not the case.  There are a multitude of issues of varying degrees of severity that could be the culprit.  There could be viruses on the computer, there could be a networking or router issue, the computer may simply just need more memory.  The beauty of selecting Denver Computer Repair is that you are able to make an informed decision to the repair or replace question. There are many reputable … Read More

A New Year’s Resolution

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Is your computer slow?  Is it frustrating to use because it’s just too slow?  Why not make one of your New Year’s resolution to get your PC back into shape? We have the prescription to get your PC running faster.  Viruses and other malicious software maybe bogging down your machine.  Our PC Tune Up package will go through your PC inspecting and cleaning out the junk that’s bogging down the system.  Our scan thoroughly scours the Windows registry, removing unnecessary entries and traces of viruses.  Right now, the PC Tune Up package is $150 — a savings of $50. What exactly is a PC Tune Up? Over time and as you add/remove programs from your computer, you may notice it … Read More