Computer Repair in Broomfield.  What Should You be Looking For?

Customers ask us all the time, what should we look for when searching Computer Repair in Broomfield?

1.  Know Who You Are Dealing With.  There are a lot of reputable I.T. Support companies out there and then there are Computer Guys.  A Computer Guy is a single individual that decided to start a company to provide computer support. Maybe he has a background in technology maybe he doesn’t  A Computer Guy isn’t necessarily bad, but do your research.  What is the background, how long have they been in business, any complaints?  One problem that can arise when you work with a Computer Guy when you search for Computer Repair in Broomfield is many times when you need them after work is completed they are not available.  Conversely an I.T. Support Company has the staff to provide a different level of service than is possible when dealing with a Computer Guy.

2.  Social Proof.  When you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield do a little online digging.  In the past if you wanted to do research on a company you could call the BBB, but other than that it was difficult.  In this day and age, it is all at our fingertips.  Research those you are looking to do business with.  You can Google their company name and town and you will start to see the online reviews that have been posted.  The big ones are Google of course and Yelp look to see if they have any reviews, are they good or are they bad? Check out their profile with the BBB, what is their rating, are there any reviews there.  The social proof will give you a good idea of what other customers experiences with the company have been.

3.  Socal Media.  When you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield check out the social media sites for the company like Facebook. Look for customer feedback, was it negative or was it positive.  Here is the kicker, how does the company respond.  No company is going to perform 100% all of the time, when they make a mistake or a customer is unhappy how do they respond?

4.  Do You Speak Geek?  So many times when you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield you will run across computer consultants that definitely speak in a different lingo than yourself.  A good computer repair company should have technicians and staff that can explain to you in terms that you can understand what the problem is and how they can help you solve your problem.  Period.

5.  Customer References.  Whether you are a consumer or a business when you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield you should have access to references.  Any company that you are seeking to do business with should be happy to supply you with a list of customer references for you to have independent conversations with regarding their experiences with the company.

6.  Community Involvement.  Does the company have ties to your community?  Are they involved with local charities?  Do they participate in community events? Are they part of the local Chamber of Commerce?  Companies that are engaged in the community typically are involved in providing higher levels of service than companies who are not.

7.  Does Someone Answer the Phone When You Call.  This is significant.  When you call, do you automatically get a voice mail?  A reputable I.T. company will have a live person answering the phones. If they don’t odds are you are dealing with a Computer Guy and response time could be slow.

8. How do They Charge?  When you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield be sure to ask the company how they charge.  Some companies charge a flat rate by service or an hourly rate.  You should be able to ask the technician for a high/low estimate for the repair and they should easily be able to provide you with that information.  If they cannot, that could be a flag to look elsewhere.

9.  Is Bigger Better?  Many consumers are under the false assumption that taking their computer to a big box retailer equals better service but that is not necessarily the case.  Typically an Independent Computer Repair company will have staff with 20+ years of hands on experience in many different technical roles.  While that may not be the case at a Big Box store.  In many instances, Big Box stores are shipping your computer offsite to have the repairs done, which can lengthen the amount of time needed for service.

10.  Turnaround Time.  When you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield be sure to ask the turnaround time.  Barring extraordinary circumstances most repairs should only take a few hours to complete.  Be sure to ask the company for an estimate for completion of work. This will give you a good idea as far as whether they have the parts in stock or if there are other jobs that need to be completed before yours begins.

11.  Do they Offer Drop Off and Onsite.  This is a biggie.  You want to be sure that the company that you work with has a physical location that is not in the basement of their home.  You want to have the ability to stop in, meet the staff and see the setup of the shop.  Most shops are small which is perfectly fine what you want to see is whether the staff is professional, is the shop clean and organized?

When you are searching for Computer Repair in Broomfield it is important to do your due diligent to make sure that you are entrusting your computer and your data to a reputable company.  Reach out to friends and family for their recommendations as far as companies that they have had positive experiences with.

If you use the list as a guide you should have no problem finding a reputable company with the skills, the knowledge, and the ability to rectify you issue in a timely fashion.

Code Blue Computing is always available to answer your questions regarding Computer Repair in Broomfield at 720-746-9763.

computer repair in Broomfield

Code Blue Computing is a Computer Support Company that has been  headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado since 2010.  They support both residential and commercial clients.  Services include computer repair, virus removal, networking, data backup and recovery, server setup and maintenance, and encryption services.

They were named the 2012 Small Business of the Year by the City of Thornton, the 2014 Emerging Business of the Year by the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, and have an A+ Rating with the BBB.

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