Computer Repair or Replace?

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Computer Repair is our specialty and we pride ourselves on always giving our customers the facts so they can make an informed decison. We are contacted all the time to find out if repair or replacement is the right choice. 

If you have owned your computer for less than two years, repair is almost always going to be the best choice for you.  As you head into years three and four, depending on the issue you can still repair but realistically look at replacing the computer.  Anything beyond the fifth year, it really is time to look at replacing your computer. 

Of course this is a general outline, and your situation will vary.  Some customers come into our office for Denver Computer Repair and find that it is time to upgrade to something new.  Others are sure there computer is done for, and they just need a simple power supply replacement. 

We perform a full diagnosis on each machine that comes in to find out specifically what is going on.  Many times the reason for computer repair is a virus, other times it is a memory issue, or a motherboard that has gone bad.  Many of our competitors are performing costly computer repairs that simply should not be done. 

When looking at repairing your computer, price out new units to decide if repair is the right choice for you.  If a new computer is in the neighborhood of the repair you probably should consider replacing.  We are available to help you choose between models, complete new computers setups, networks. 

Phone consultations are always available at 720-746-9763.

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