Denver IT Consultants. 5 Things You Should Look For

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Denver IT Consultants

When your business starts to grow you eventually hit a point where it no longer makes sense for you to also be the IT person in your business. It is time to start looking for a Denver IT Consultant.

If you or someone on your staff has been handling the technical issues that come up starting to look for an IT Consultant may feel difficult. What exactly should you look for?

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Things to Look for When Searching for Denver IT Consultants

Years in Business.  How long has the firm been in business?  When it comes to security you definitely want to ensure that you are working with a reputable organization.  Your infrastructure contains confidential information about you and your clients, your intellectual property, financial data.   Take the time to make sure that the organization you are working with will be around tomorrow.

Security Driven.  The landscape for I.T. and Cyber Security has changed significantly in the last 18 months.  There are a lot of I.T Consultants in the marketplace that simply have not kept up from a security perspective.  Talk to them about data security.  What would they do to protect your data?  Do they provide security training for your staff?  What about backups?  They should be on top of the best solutions for your organization.

Budget Conscious. You should look for a Denver I.T. Consultant that can provide you with a customized solution with a fixed monthly cost.  At first glance, an hourly I.T. provider may appears to be more affordable. This is simply not true.  When you have a true partner in your business they will be providing you with proactive support day in and day out at a set monthly rate.  An hourly provider does nothing to keep your organization up and running.  When you have an issue it is expensive both in dollars and in time lost.  How much downtime can your organization afford before it significantly impacts your business operations and your bottom line?

Keep I.T. Local.  When searching for a Denver IT Consultant make sure they have technical staff in Denver.  There are a lot of organizations that do not have staff for onsite visits in town.  Many time the quote you receive is for remotely support only.  Make sure that the provider that you select is going to be providing you with remote and onsite support.  Also, confirm that they won’t charge you extra to come onsite as many provider do just that.

Response Time.  It is important to find out how quickly issues will be dealt with when they arise.  Make sure that you are working with a provider that has live answering of their phones.  Can they provide you with a guaranteed response time when you are in a business critical situation.

The truth is that in the current environment you should not be managing your own I.T.  It is no longer about wireless networks, routers, and file shares it is about protecting your business.  One of the most important things an I.T. Consultant will do for your business is to keep your business IN business. Additionally, a good I.T. Consultant will be a true partner to your business.  Someone who will keep their eye on your business itself helping you be more productive and profitable.

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