Glitch with Yahoo Email and the Apple Email App in iOS 11

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We have been getting some calls in our office from clients that have Yahoo as their email provider that were no longer receiving emails on their iPhone or iPad Apple Email App.  The issue appears to have begun right around the first of the year.  We have not been able to identify is this is an Apple issue or a Yahoo issue but it most definitely is an issue that has been going on for quite some time.

iphone email problem in denver

The interesting thing about this glitch is it seems to be occurring fairly sporadically and not to everyone or all devices.  For example, we had a client with iOS 11.4 on both her iPhone and iPad.  She suddenly stopped receiving emails from her Yahoo mail account on her iPhone but was still receiving them on her iPad.  Some of our clients stopped receiving email on the iPad as opposed to the iPhone.  Other clients stopped receiving Yahoo emails on both their iPad and their iPhone.

At this point in time, there does not appear to be a fix for this particular issue.  One of our clients ended up on the phone with Apple support for over an our over the past weekend and they did not appear to be aware there was an issue with Yahoo Email and the Apple Email App.  They had her delete and re-add the application but that did not solve the issue.

Until Apple release a fix for this issue we are left trying to find the best workarounds that we can.  If you have an iPhone or an iPad that you stop receiving your Yahoo emails on you have options.  The most user friendly and easiest to manage solution that we have implemented for our clients is  to start utilizing Gmail instead of the Apple Email App on your iPhone or your iPad.

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