Has Your Business Email Been Hacked?

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Has your business email been hacked?  More and more, we are running into just this issue with businesses throughout the Denver area.

has your business email been hacked


Has Your Business Email Been Hacked?

The truth is that most businesses have little to no security in place. This is part of the reason that we are seeing an epidemic of business email accounts being hacked.  A recent survey indicated that a whopping 52% of the workforce is reusing passwords.  Work, home, banking, credit cards, you get the drift.

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard of breach after breach being reported on the news over the last few years.  Well, every time there is a breach you can bet the email addresses and corresponding passwords have been posted on the Dark Web.  At some point, the wrong person, on the right day is going to hit the mother load.

When you are trying to ascertain if your business email has been hacked you may see a few clues such as:

  • You start received strange emails.  Responses to password resets, responses to emails you haven’t sent.
  • Notification of logging in from different IP addresses
  • Trouble logging into your email account.  If your credentials aren’t letting you sign in you email has been hacked.

As a business owner, once you go from asking has you business email been hacked to knowing that it has quick action is required.

Top 3 Things to Do When Your Business Email Has Been Hacked

Security. Security. Security.  Change your passwords, enable multi factor authentication, and have a thorough security scan run on your computer to ensure malware or keystroke loggers have not been installed.

Come Clean.  Email all of your contacts to let them know that your email was hacked and not to click on or open emails previously sent by your account.

3rd Party Audit.  Bring in a 3rd party Cyber Security I.T. Provider to perform a through audit of your business.  It is extremely important to tighten up your security going forward. Once you are a successful hacking victim you are on the hit list and it will happen again and again.

Why is email hacking so prevalent in 2019?

There are a few things going on right now.  Business owners are lacking as it relates to data security. They are not requiring passwords withing their organization to be changed on a regular basis.  They are not receive and/or giving security training to their employees.  This is problematic because many times our staff or even ourselves are not nearly as tech savvy as we assume.  Additionally, phishing attacks are becoming much more sophisticated and harder to recognize.

Cyber Security is for Small Business Owners

Cyber Security has become such an important issue for small businesses that the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recently released a Cyber Essentials guide for small business owners.

As a business owner what are you to do?  In Colorado, you are required to have a written data security plan in place.  Bring in an I.T Provider that specializes in Cyber Security to do a deep dive on your business and help you put the data security plan in place.  The plan will help you train your staff, put additional layers of security into place for your business, and help you recover when you are hacked. Finally, having ongoing monitoring of your network looking for suspicious activity is a must have for small to medium sized businesses in Colorado.

Businesses that do not have a plan in place are more likely to really struggle with recovered after an attack.

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