How Do You Know When It’s Time for Outsourcing Your I.T. Support?

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Time for Outsourcing Your I.T. Support?

As small business owners we are always juggling what needs to be done, when, and what the real cost to your organization will be.  Most of us went into business because we were really good at a particular task, once we are in business for ourselves we discover that we have inherited the responsibility for a bunch of tasks that we are neither experience at or for that matter any good at.

7 Things that Will Make You Get Real About Outsourcing Your I.T. Support.

outsourcing your i.t.

Cyber Security.  We see more businesses than we should that are way to loose with the security of their network.  You better be certain that you are not rolling out the red carpet to those that are trying to hack into your company to try and steal confidential data.  This is serious business and millions of dollars are being lost each year through improperly secured networks in the SMB community.

Lost Productivity.  Most business owners are concentrating on the numbers but not necessarily how their organization gets things done.  We go into businesses all the time when there is a system or a process that is completely broken and the staff has created a lengthy work around to just get it done.  When you outsource your I.T. support that company should come in and look at the systems that you have in place and help to devise ways to circumvent lost productivity and positively impact your bottom line.

Predicting the Future.  Here is where business owners can see significant improvement to their business.  When you have another company managing your I.T. for you they can install software that allows them to monitor your hardware and receive notifications before it fails.  Their primary concern is mitigating risk for you, they know how expensive downtime is to your company.  When you are literally, performing zero maintenance on equipment you are essentially waiting for it to break down and leave your business stranded on the side of the road.  When looked at in these terms, very few business owners would hesitate to outsource their I.T. support.

Did You Delete that File?  Lost data is a big one.  Many times the business owner “thinks” that they set up backups but have not set it up correctly, haven’t gone into their account to confirm that backups are in fact running, or just never got around to it.  When you outsource your I.T. one of their number one priorities is going to be to get those backups automated and to make darn sure that they are being done correctly.

Turn Off the Pressure Cooker.  We run into a lot of companies that have an admin, or a procurement person that has some technical aptitude.  Before they know it, somehow they have become the unpaid Network Administrator for the company and find that pressure to be overwhelming.  The employee had a full time job to begin with and has inherited another one.  It is a burden to expect these types of employees to perform in this capacity and it is going to take them longer to resolve an issue.  Outsourcing your I.T. will result in more fulfilled employees and you will benefit by problems being resolved quickly.

Upcoming Technology.  Most SMB’s that we run into do not have a CIO and tech trends are one of the last things on their minds.  Technology can and is a lifesaver for a business.  When you outsource your I.T. they will keep an eye out for changes in technology and products and services that could improve your bottom line.  This benefit itself can far outweigh the cost of employing an outside vendor to support your network.

Micro not Macro.  We run into a few different issues with small companies.  First of all, as business owners we need to focus on our core strengths and our core values.  If you are a CPA it makes zero business sense for you to spend a week installing and setting up the new server for the office.  The other big problem we run into is businesses trying to nickel and dime I.T Support.  While on the surface it may seem attractive to pay hourly only when something breaks the truth is you will pay far less in dollars and in frustration by allowing your outsourced I.T. department to be proactive with your hardware.

If you have a business that is under 100 employees bringing in an In House I.T. person will be an expensive proposition.  You can outsource this function to an extremely capable, knowledgeable, and responsive company for less than you would pay a part time administrative assistant.  Puts it in a completely different light, doesn’t it?

Code Blue Computing is a Broomfield, Colorado based I.T Service company that specializes in Computer Networks and Computer Support for small and medium sized businesses.  You can schedule a FREE 7 Point Network Analysis by giving us a call at 720-746-9763.

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