How to Setup Telecommuting for Your Employees

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How to Setup Telecommuting for Your Employees.

how to setup telecommuting for your employees How to setup telecommuting for your employees is something that a lot of employers are looking to provide ; however, there are many that are still fighting the wave. Not offering telecommuting as a benefit for their employees may be costing them more than it is gaining them.  In a recent survey, 36% of employees indicated they would forego a raise for the benefit of telecommuting.  Additionally, 70% of employees said the ability to telecommute would fall between moderately important and extremely important when choosing their next job.

Many times the push back comes from the belief that the employees that are working remotely will become less productive.  Interestingly enough,  2/3 of employers report that their telecommuting workforce becomes MORE productive not less.

Research shows that employees that are given the benefit of working remotely are 73% happier in their positions than those that don’t.  If you find that employee retention is a problem for your organization this could be key for you.  We all know that high employee turnover is extremely expensive for businesses and this could be a way for you to retain your key staff longer.

Most businesses that offer telecommuting as a benefit to their staff find themselves saving significantly to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per year. Win. Win.

How Do Small Business Owners Approach a Remote Workforce?

  1.  Who Can Telecommute?  Look at your workforce and identify who can realistically work from home and how often.  What tools will they need?  How will you quantify their productivity when working remotely?
  2. Is Your Management Style Stuck in 1992?  The truth is that advances in technology require a different way of managing our staff.  If you still think that seeing your employees at their desks at 8am sharp and walking out the door at 5:30 equals productivity you are most likely mistaken.  Your remote workers need well defined job descriptions,  and you need systems in place to communicate with these employees.  Skype, VOIP phones, and many new technologies make it very easy to communicate with your workforce.
  3. Your Device or Mine?  Some companies use their employees current equipment at home.  This is a mistake.  Provide the remote worker with a computer.  This enables your I.T. team to administer, maintain, and update that hardware easily.
  4. Virtual Private Networks.  This is mandatory for security.  Cyber Security, hackers, and data loss are at the forefront of our thoughts these days.  You will need to have your I.T. team set up access utilizing a Virtual Private Network to ensure security measures are being taken and followed.
  5. Provide Technical Support.  When you have the I.T. folks involved it is easier to protect data and ensure that regular backups are being performed.  Updates can also be managed remotely by your I.T. folks.  Additionally, they can ensure devices are not be connected to the home network but safely segregated.

Allowing your employees to work remotely can have huge benefits for your organization both financially and in employee satisfaction and retention.  You do need to consult your HR and Legal team to make sure that you set everything up correctly from their point of view to avoid problems in the future.

Code Blue Computing has consulted with many organizations to create the best telecommuting plan for their business.  When organizations ask how to setup telecommuting for your employees they will be provided with a customer solution for them not a cookie cutter answer.  At the end of the day, as a business owner you need to be comfortable for both yourself and your employees that it is setup safely, securely, and allowing for optimal productivity.

If you are looking at creating options in your organization for your employees to work remotely please call Code Blue at 720-746-9763 today for a FREE analysis.

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