Is Your Business At Risk for Cyber Attack with Thumb Drives?

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Cyber Attacks are on the rise in Denver.  Hackers can use very sophisticated methods to try and gain access to your network.  Conversely, if they can gain access easily even better.

This is a very simple way for a hacker to gain access to your network and remarkably effective.  How exactly does a Cyber Attack with Thumb Drives work?

  • The Hacker will scatter USB Thumb Drives throughout the parking lot of a business or a business park
  • Wait for an unsuspecting employee to pick it up and bring it in to the building
  • Once the employee inserts the device into their computer behind the scenes a program is launched to infiltrate the computer network

As business owners we need to be proactive in protecting our businesses from Cyber Attacks.  The fact of the matter not all of our employees or even as many as we would like to believe are tech savvy.  Finding it out after an attack is a very expensive lesson to learn.

What Should You Do as a Business Owner?

Provide ongoing Cyber Security training for your staff.

Make sure that everyone know never to put a Thumb Drive of unknown origin into their computer

Get a Cyber Security Audit so that you can plug these types of holes before an attack not after.

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