My Apple Laptop Won’t Turn On

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Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few clients call into our shop in Broomfield with the issue being their Apple Laptop won’t turn on.  Apple’s are generally very high performing machines so when we start getting calls with the same issue on an Apple laptop that is definitely not the norm.

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Typically when a customer calls in indicating that their Apple Laptop won’t turn on there are a number of things that could be causing this type of issue.  First we have to drill down exactly what they mean.  Sometimes they are calling because they have a black screen and the laptop literally will not come on.  In other instances, they mean that their Apple Laptop is is stuck in a Boot Loop or the Apple startup screen.

Won’t Power Up at All

If your MacBook or Apple Computer won’t power up at all most likely the problem will end up being a dead battery, a bad AC adapter, power supply, or it can even mean you have a bad logic board.

Stuck on Startup or Apple Logo

When you turn your computer on and see is a spinning wheel this is an issue that needs your attention.  First and foremost, if you haven’t been backing up regularly you are going to want to backup all the data from the computer onto an external hard drive to ensure you don’t lose your data. Reasons for a Boot Loop can be a bad peripheral or peripheral cable.  RAM issues, a bad hard drive, or most significantly a hardware issue.

Possible Update Issue

We will always ask our customers if the issue started after an OS update.  The reason being is that periodically an operating system update can wreck havoc on your computer.  If possible, try to isolate when the problem started and if there was something that happened right before the incident such as an operating system update.

If you are having an issue with your Apple Laptop not powering up at all or being stuck in a Boot Loop bring your computer into a reputable local computer shop that has experience with these types of issues.

If you have an Apple Laptop that you are having an issues with in the Denver area you can call 720-746-9763 to make an appointment with one of our Apple Computer experts today for your MacBook Repair today!

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