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We have many clients ask us if remote computer repair and assistance is a viable option for them.  Our answer in many instances is a resounding YES!

The truth is either having us swing by your location or you dropping your computer off at our office is a huge inconvenience.  In addition, for most of our customers any amount of time without their computer is an eternity.  Truth be told, for both our in home and small business customers we try to handle as much as we can remotely.

Why?  It is faster for you and for us.  You simply call Code Blue Computing to make your appointment, log on to our website at the scheduled time, and go about your day while we take care of whatever ails your computer.  As long as you have internet access we are most times able to completely take care of the problem remotely.

How does it work?  We have special software that we use that with your permission that will allow us to see your monitor and take control of your mouse and keyboard as if we were right there with you.  If there is a hardware issue that cannot be repaired remotely, but many times is can be diagnosed remotely.

Is It Safe?

Remote Computer Repair is actually safer than dropping your computer off at a local shop.  Why?  When you drop it off at a shop you are at the mercy of the shop owner and have absolutely no visibility to what is happening.  In Home Computer Repair requires you to open you home up to a complete stranger in many instances.  Remote Computer Repair enables you to watch every single keystroke the technician makes if you choose to.  In addition the security of your data is of utmost importance to us and is never compromised.

What Types of Problems are Ideal for Remote Computer Repair? 

  • Virus Removal
  • Email Issues
  • PC Tuneups
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Support for Cloud Based Backup Solutions such as iDrive.


Call us today at 720-746-9763 or consult the Code Blue Computing website for more information on remote computer repair and assistance.  The repair can be done remotely and in many instances and can save you time and money.

Code Blue Computing is an I.T. Consulting firm headquartered out of Broomfield, Colorado.  They offer computer repair services such as computer tune ups, virus and spyware removal and data backup and recovery to Broomfield, Arvada, Westminster and Thornton as well as remote services nationwide.

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