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Are you experiencing the Blue Screen of Death or Has Your Computer Crashed at the Worst Possible Moment?  

We have all been there. Either you have come into work and your computer is stuck in an endless Windows 10 update and all you can see is those spinning circles, or you come in to find that your computer has a crashed screen and you have either a blue or black screen with white lettering.  Oh great, it’s going to be one of those kind of days.

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There are many issues that could have caused the original problem.

  • Faulty Hardware (hard drive, memory, internal overheating, power supply, etc)
  • Driver Issue
  • Corrupt Operating System

Many times Windows 10 Updates can cause issues with your computer, your software, or your peripheral devices such as your printer or your scanner.  The first thing that people think when they have a blue  or black screen is that their data is lost.  That isn’t necessarily the case.  Many times the hard drive is is perfect condition there is underlying problem that needs to be resolved.  When you bring your computer into the shop we will quickly diagnose exactly what has caused your computer to crash or given you the blue screen of death. We will then save your data, repair the components, and/or reload Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 onto your computer.

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