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Business IT Support and Computer Network Maintenance that Will Help Your Business Succeed throughout the Metro Denver and Boulder.

Are you dealing with slow unreliable technology?  How about an unresponsive computer support company that doesn’t seem to get it?  Time is money!  These issues can and will cripple your business.

You went into business to focus on your talents not deal with computer and technology headaches.  Leave IT up to us!

The fact of the matter is that technology is extremely important to the livelihood of all businesses.  Outsourcing your IT and tech support will save your organization precious resources.  Time. Energy. Money.

We will sit down with you to look at where your organization currently is, where it is going, and what challenges you are facing.  We will customize a plan just for you giving you exactly the support you need in a cost effective manner.  

Moving your company away from the Break/Fix Mentality.  Many companies are doing no proactive maintenance of their computers, their servers, or their technology in general.  They do nothing, wait for it to break, and then call for support.  The problem here?  You are setting yourself up for failure. 

If you drive your car, never getting an oil change; your car will blow up.

Don’t Blow Your Business Up. Ok?

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Looking to increase the productivity for your business and simplify? Choosing Managed IT Services from Code Blue Computing is a smart business decision.  We will be proactively managing your equipment and working behind the scenes to catch and rectify technological and network problems BEFORE they affect your business. 

No outages. No Employees sitting around waiting for support. Creating an environment where you and your employees can succeed.  

Imagine that. I.T. Works

When you select Managed IT Support Services with Code Blue Computing this is what you are saying YES to:

  • Stable IT Budget –Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Scalable IT Solutions Customized for your Business
  • Proactive Monitoring allowing us to catch potential problems BEFORE they occur
  • Patch Management, including third party software
  • Daily Health Checks with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Roll Up Reports.
  • Quick Response when IT Issues do occur
  • Expert 24/7 Computer Support
  • Peace of Mind. With a 100% Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best computer and network support available.  Period.  

Managed Services from Code Blue Computing will allow you to sit back, relax, and start saving money.  All that while getting what you really want…. fast, responsive, friendly computer support. 


The truth of the matter is that most small and medium sized businesses cannot justify the expense of a full time employee to provide computer support and maintain their network.  You will gain access to our team of highly qualified professionals that can be available at a moment’s notice at a cost you can afford

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We can provide your organization with Business IT Support, Networking Services, and IT Outsourcing throughout Denver, Boulder, and Broomfield.

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