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Do You Have an Apple Computer or MacBook That is Running Slow or That Needs Repair Services?

Code Blue Computing is Broomfield’s local source for Apple Computer and MacBook Repairs. Specializing in performing repairs on out of warranty Apple products such as a Mac, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

Mac (Apple) Computer Tuneup:

All computers even Apple computers need regular maintenance. Over time your computer may begin to slow down or other operational problems may become apparent to you. . Additionally, a Mac Computer Tuneup should be performed annually to extend the life of your investment. What exactly is done during a Mac or MacBook Computer Tune-up?

  • System Optimization
  • Virus Removal
  • Internal Cleaning of the Computer
  • Remove unnecessary programs from startup that are affecting system performance
  • Virus Removal

Mac (Apple) Computer Virus Removal Services:

At one point, many owners of Apple products felt that they need not worry about having anti-virus software on their computer. The truth is, as time has gone on and Apple products have become more popular, more and more computer viruses are being targeted at Mac owners. Anti Virus software is in fact needed for Mac Computers.

Our Apple computer repair specialists are well versed in the computer viruses that are being targeted at Apple products. They will quickly and efficiently remove computer viruses from your Mac. They will help you determine the best Anti Virus product for your Apple product going forward to minimize the likelihood of getting future computer viruses.

MacBook Upgrades:

Apple Computers maintain their value much longer than their PC counterparts. It does make sense to upgrade your Mac Computer even if it is an older model. Upgrades such as a larger Hard Drive, Memory Upgrades, or even switching out your Hard Drive for a SSD (solid state drive) all are potential upgrades that could significantly improve the performance of your Mac Computer.

Mac Diagnostic Services:

Many times customers will find that there Mac, iMac, or MacBook Air will not power up, is running slow, shuts down unexpectedly, or is making loud noises. You can always call our office to have one of our Apple Specialists perform a diagnostic service on your device. The diagnostic service is an inexpensive way for your to find out exactly what is going on with your Mac and to decide if Mac Repair Services are the right choice for you.

Mac Data Recovery Services:

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience and can perform data recovery services on your Apple device. Our Apple Data Recovery Service is an affordable solution for you to retrieve data from your Mac Computer. If we are unable to recovery your data in our facility we will not charge you anything for our time. Win. Win


If you are having trouble setting up your iCloud, or having difficulty with an iCloud account that has previously been configured, we can affordably help setup or troubleshoot and ensure your data is safe. 

Mac Data Transfer

If you have purchased a new Mac, MacBook, or iMac in addition to setting up your new computer we can transfer the data from your old computer to the new computer.

Why Choose Us for your Mac Repair?

Experience.  With over 20 years of experience most shops just can’t compete with that level of knowledge.

Flat Rate Pricing. We will NEVER charge you an hourly rate for work performed in our shop.  Be wary of shops that do.

Trustworthy.  We will NEVER recommend service that you don’t need or a repair that exceeds that value of your computer.

Speed. We understand that you run your life and your business on your Mac.  We will perform your repair services quickly, knowledgeably, all while performing the work to our strict quality standards.

When you leave your computer with us, you are leaving it in good hands.

While our techs are among the most experienced with over 20 years of experience we are not currently and Apple Certified Repair Facility.

When you are looking to get your Mac Computer Repaired call one our our Apple specialists today at 720-746-9763 or use the button below!

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