Small Business IT Support and Local Sourcing

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Small Business IT Support is a hot topic these days, and many business owners are choosing not to Outsource but to Local Source.  The entrepreneurial spirit in the Denver market is especially strong.  So many people are choosing to leave Corporate jobs behind and instead are forging their own path.

In the last few years, we have found a real increase in the number of calls we are receiving from small businesses with an employee range between 2 and 20.  These business owners are adept at running their operations all the while keeping their eye on the bottom line.  These small businesses typically choose not to staff an IT department or have just one employee responsible for all hardware and software issues to arise in the company.

Either scenario can put quite a strain on the small business owner. Either they are trying to be the IT department themselves or that one person IT. department becomes overloaded quickly.   Generally speaking the challenges will range from Computer Viruses, Desktop Setups, Server Setup, and Maintenance, Networking, and General Computer Repair or Computer Replacement.

We have all become familiar with large corporation outsourcing jobs to offshore locations.  Small Business owners are much more attune with the need to keep things local.  Small Business owners in the Denver market are choosing to local source their I.T operations.  What does this mean?  They are bringing in locally owned IT firms to manage their IT operations.

What is the benefit of Local Sourcing  to the small business owner?  Time.  The small business owner can put their focus back on growing their business.  The IT firm can make sure the companies data is being backed up completely and correctly, ensure viruses are nipped in the bud, set up network access for new employees, etc.

Companies such as Code Blue Computing are giving the owner options when it comes to local sourcing IT support for their small business.  Many choose to manage IT support through an as needed basis, paying by the hour as issues arise.  Other business owners are taking a much more proactive approach and are choosing Managed IT Services.  Managed IT Services are definitely not a one size fits all solution.  A customized solution is put together for each business based on their individual needs.  Managed IT services are perfect for the business that wants a highly functioning infrastructure for their business at an affordable monthly rate.

When it  comes to Small Business IT Support Local Sourcing is the right option for many businesses in the Denver area.

Code Blue Computing is a locally owned and operated IT firm specializing in Small Business solutions.  They are specialists in server operations, data backup and recovery, virus removal, cloud backup solutions, desktop setup, and computer repair.  Their service area includes Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton.


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