What Can Your Business Learn From The Ransomware Attack on Mecklenburg County

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As you heard last week, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina is the latest to fall prey to a Ransomware attack.  The attackers demanded a $23,000 ransom from the County.  The County refused to pay the ransom. These ransomware accounts are significantly increasing month after month.  If you are a business owner of any size, there are things that you can learn and solutions you can implement to protect your business. What Should Our Company Do? Employee Training: When it comes to ransomware attacks this is the biggest issue.  Most of these attacks are being spread through phishing emails. This case is no exception.  An employee clicked on an attachment in an email and this spread the encryption virus throughout the … Read More

Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?

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Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?   This is a big one.  The world has changed significantly over the last few years.  We are experiencing advancements with technology the likes of which we have never seen before.  Hackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit our vulnerabilities as business owners. Not that long ago, when one technology came out we would really have time to assimilate to it before the next great thing came along.  This is no longer that case.  Innovation and changes in technology are coming at rapid speed. While these innovations can bring us increased productivity and tools we once only dreamed about; there is another side to the coin. Security.  The … Read More

Computer Virus Top 10 List-Have I Been Infected?

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Do you suspect that you have a computer virus?  The number one reason customers contact us is because their computer or laptop has been infected by a virus or by spyware. Customers are always asking us how do I know if I have a computer virus? Without any further delay, Code Blue Computing presents our Top 10 List of How You Know your Computer has been infected by a Virus or Spyware.   10. Your once turbo injected computer is running slow. Maybe you are no longer double clicking your mouse, perhaps you are quadruple clicking before anything happens.  9. Annoying pop up ads are popping up all over the place.  8. You are getting error messages alerting you that Window … Read More