What Can Your Business Learn From The Ransomware Attack on Mecklenburg County

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As you heard last week, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina is the latest to fall prey to a Ransomware attack.  The attackers demanded a $23,000 ransom from the County.  The County refused to pay the ransom.

These ransomware accounts are significantly increasing month after month.  If you are a business owner of any size, there are things that you can learn and solutions you can implement to protect your business.

ransomware attack

What Should Our Company Do?

Employee Training:

When it comes to ransomware attacks this is the biggest issue.  Most of these attacks are being spread through phishing emails. This case is no exception.  An employee clicked on an attachment in an email and this spread the encryption virus throughout the entire network for Mecklenburg County.  You should be supplying all employees with thorough training on this topic.  Additionally, you should periodically be testing the training. Testing?  Yep.  Sending faux phishing emails to employees to see if they are being opened or not. Better you find out this way then when your company screeches to a halt.

Security Assessment:

Get a Security Assessment from a reputable I.T. company. Whether or not you feel confident that your computer network is secure, get a security assessment to find out for sure.  If there is a security hole you want to find this out ahead of time instead of later from criminals.

Spam Filters:

Make sure that your I.T. Provider or Staff in installing a good spam filter for your company email.  With the vast majority of cyber attacks coming in through email once of the best things you can do as far as offense is utilizing the spam filter to limit the number of these making their way through to your employees.

Security Updates: 

We run into problems with this one all the time. How many different software programs is your company running?  Security updates are being release all the time by each one of them.  It is imperative, that this is managed to ensure that all workstations are being updated and the latest protection is active across the board throughout your organization.


Backups. Backups. Backups.  Every single company needs to have backups.  Offsite backups at that.  Worse case scenario you just reinstall the data from before the attack and go about your business.  You need to have backups and your I.T. Support Team should be checking these backups multiple times per year to ensure that there are no issues.  No corrupt files, ensuring correct data is in fact being backed up, etc.

I am too small to matter.

False.  81% of all businesses falling prey to cyber breaches right now are small businesses just like yours.  The truth of the matter is that no matter what size your company is you need to get real about security and real quick.  These attacks are not going away, they are escalating and becoming more advanced every day.

97% of these attacks can be prevented.  Be honest with yourself about your business.  Could your survive being down for 3 hours, 1 day, or 2 weeks?

How long can you afford for your business to be down?

If you take preventative steps now and really run your organization like it is a business you can avoid exactly the situation that Mecklenburg County found itself in.  Make sure you never have to decide whether to pay the Ransom or pay in the time to get your systems back online.

Code Blue Computing is the leading I.T Support provider to small businesses in Denver.  Call us today for a security assessment for your organization at 720-746-9763.


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