What Do You Need to Do When Moving Your Office?

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What Do You Need to Do When Moving Your Office?

The good news, your business is expanding, you have outgrown your space and it is time for a new larger office space.  The bad news, your business is expanding…….and you are moving your office.

What to do when moving your officeMuch like when we move our homes, the thought of moving our office can be a stressful time.   If you take the time to plan out the move in advance it will go smoothly and you will experience fewer headaches.  What do you need to do when moving your office?

  1. Plan. Plan. Plan.  Start your planning 6 months to a year out.  The time required will vary based on the size of the space you are looking to move to.
  2. Consult your Trusted Advisors.  Consult with the trusted professionals in your circle before not after you have decided on office space.  Consult trusted team members, consultants, attorneys, etc.  Get feedback to try and alleviate surprises later.
  3. Get I.T. Straight.  You need to engage your I.T. team or consultants early on in the process.  Rely on them when looking at potential offices spaces.  They can help you find the ideal spot from a productivity perspective.  What are your internet options?  Is the office pre-wired or will that be an additional expense? If you have a server, is there an appropriate space for that already or will additional construction expense be incurred?
  4. Dollars and Cents.  This is not the time to skimp on the budget. Really look at this project and set a realistic budget. Time and time again at Code Blue Computing we run into clients that end up paying double because they tried to skimp on the move.  Think it all the way through you can pay in the beginning for a successful move or pay later in additional downtime and in staff frustration.

Ask yourself early and often, what do you need to do when moving your office and you will be successful.  With the proper planning moving your office can be an exciting time for your business while minimizing potential hiccups you could encounter.

If you are looking at moving your office in the Denver area feel free to give us a call at 720-746-9763 to help get your move planned, implemented, and executed successfully.

Code Blue Computing is an I.T. Service and Support Company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado that specializes in I.T. Office Relocations.



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