What Is Wrong With My Computer?

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Day after day, we get multiple phone calls a day that start out “What is wrong with my computer?” A loaded question?  You bet it is.

Top 5 Computer Issues

My Computer Had a Windows 10 Update and Now…

Let’s face it, by and large most times updates to your computer take place without a hitch.  However, when they go wrong typically they go really wrong.  Sometimes we will get a call that a clients computer is stuck in never ending spinning circles.  Definitely, a Windows 10 issue. If someone calls our office and suddenly cannot print or scan, or complains of suddenly getting error messages our first question is “Did your computer recently go through a Windows update?”  If they answer is Yes, we know what direction to go to solve their issues.

My Computer Won’t Turn On…

If your computer won’t turn on there are a few things that could cause that issue.  Sounds silly, but check your power strip or surge protector.  Many times the off switch has inadvertently been switched.  Before you do anything, check this.  Next check your power cord for any damage or fraying.  It may be time to replace the power cord.  If everything looks good reconnect all the cords and try to power up again.  One of the last things to check is the power supply.  If your computer had been periodically powered off, had a bit of a burning smell, or was randomly freezing you more than likely have a bad power supply.

There Are Lines Running Through My Computer Screen…..

When we get a call at the Code Blue Computing office with someone reporting that there are lines running through their computer screen there are many things that could be causing that issue.  Check all your monitor and video cables to make sure the connections aren’t lose.  Tighten those connections and if it persists you can switch out the video cable. The video card may have worked itself lose inside the computer and just needs to be reseated firmly in place.  You video card or monitor drivers may be out of date.  After you have checked all of these items, you most likely have a failing monitor.

My Computer is Making Loud Noises…..

Your computer will tell you a story if you take the time to listen to it.  When it comes to noises the sooner that you deal with it the better the outcome.  When you hear a rattling or a hum that is more than likely your fan starting to go out. However, if you hear a clunking noise; that is your hard drive starting to fail.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 get that computer to a professional right away to ensure you don’t end up with data loss.  Generally speaking, a quiet computer is a healthy one.

My Computer is So Slow….

This is the call we get most often from clients.  Their computer is running super slow and they just can’t take it anymore.  Almost always when we get this complaint it is due to computer viruses.  Some clients come in with no anti virus on their computer at all, other have anti virus that have expired, and some do have a current anti virus program on their computer.  Anti-virus software is similar to a flu shot.  It is going to catch the largest majority of viruses out there, some will slip through.  That is why a PC or Mac Tuneup at least once a year is important.  If you have an older computer it is going to be slower because that computer was manufactured with a slower processor.  In this case, the best thing that you can do to improve the performance after the tuneup is install an SSD (solid state hard drive). You will be amazed at the system performance after this inexpensive upgrade.

Although computers have come down in price a great deal in the last few years, they still are a significant investment.  If you take care of your computer, you can expect it to last you for many years to come.  At a minimum, have a PC or Mac Tuneup performed on your computer once a year.  Establish a relationship with a local computer shop so that you have a trusted advisor you can turn to before you have an emergency.  No matter where you are, there are great shops and technicians out there that will help you take care of your computer.



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