Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?

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Why Should Small Business Owners Care about Computer and Network Security?


computer and network security why business owners should care

This is a big one.  The world has changed significantly over the last few years.  We are experiencing advancements with technology the likes of which we have never seen before.  Hackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit our vulnerabilities as business owners.

Not that long ago, when one technology came out we would really have time to assimilate to it before the next great thing came along.  This is no longer that case.  Innovation and changes in technology are coming at rapid speed.

While these innovations can bring us increased productivity and tools we once only dreamed about; there is another side to the coin. Security.  The phone calls into our office in 2016 have told a much different tale than any previous year.  Business Owners big and small are under assault.  There wasn’t a single week that went by this year that we didn’t receive phone calls from someone frantic.  The reason? Viruses, scam phones calls, and the scariest of all ransomware.

So why should small business owners care about computer and network security?  If a hacker can come up with a way to infiltrate companies the size of Target, Home Depot, and Yahoo; these same weapons can be pointed directly at your small business as well.

Another thing became abundantly clear in 2016; businesses are ignoring this threat.  The vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses are extremely lax when if comes to Cyber Security.

What Can You Do?

Security. No matter if your company is one employee or 100.  Security is important.  The thing that all business owners need to understand is that if there is a breach YOU are responsible. Responsible for what happens to your data but for all of your clients as well.  This can easily add up to multiple thousands of dollars. Security precautions range from individual router setups, to servers, to all of the workstations.  These are all access points and need to be reinforced to prevent access.

Backups.  Your #1 defense is a good offense.  There are so many businesses that either have no backups at all, insufficient backups, or backup systems that have never been tested to ensure they are working properly.

Training.  The biggest cost to businesses this year in regards to Cyber Security has been Ransomware.  Ransomware typically enters a company through an email attachment that has been opened; that should not have been.  Training all personal within your organization regarding potential threats is something that should be occurring at least yearly if not multiple times per year.

Why should small business owners care about computer and network security?  If your business has not personally been affected, you or one of your vendors will be.  Take the proper precautions today and engage the right I.T. Consultant before you are in crisis mode. This step can mean the difference between a blip in your day or devastating consequences to your business.

Code Blue Computing performs Cyber Security Audits for businesses of all sizes throughout Metro Denver.  You can call us at 720-746-9763 anytime for more information or to get your audit scheduled.

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